They think to know all

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The Angel-Human is linked with the source and obtains also her knowledge from there. This causes the Angel-Human to have access to all knowledge. The biggest problem of this however is, that the Angel-Human has no idea where to search in this large source of knowledge. She needs certain indications of where she must start to search. A simple question or observation of someone is a good entrance for a search in the source.

Although the Angel-Human probably thinks she knows everything, she has however only access to the all-knowing source. Although this seems the same there is actually a small difference: the Angel-Human has only access and does not carry it all within.

It is important that the Angel-Human uses the information from the source regularly and shares it with the questioning people she faces. It is indeed the ultimate truth to where the Angel-Human has access to.

It can be difficult for the Angel-Human to find her way in this enormous amount of knowledge from the source. The Angel-Human can wrongfully lay connections, which as a result changes the information with her own interpretation. Unfortunately, due to the other way of thinking (rational versus mystically) there is no easy solution to find.

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