The difference between the human angel and the Angel-Human

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The human angel and the Angel-Human are not each others equals. When we have a look at the normal build-up of human evolution, archangel Gabriël taught us the following:

gabriel evolution

The picture above shows the phases via which the normal spiritual evolution takes place.

Since the introduction of the people from the new time this picture is extended according to Michaël's messages:

michael evolution

The human angel is a fully developed human being that spins all chakras on full power.

When we introduce the Angel-Human we can create the following picture:

angelhuman evolution

The main difference is the origin of the angel. The Angel-Human has already passed all earthly lives but decides to decent once more. This is the reason why the Angel-Human does not have to learn the lessons of life once again and can fully focus on its task.

The human angel on the contrary has not yet performed tasks in the spiritual world and still progresses through the lessons of life and the subsequent phases in evolution. It will further develop as a guide and actual angel, though it will be via another pathway, from which the outcome isn't a guide or an angel by definition. Also other entities belong to the possibilities.

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