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!--#layout ziel --!/!--@ !--#title --!No longer material/!--@ !--#menu1 !--F:cl/menus/en_main.htm --!/!--@ !--#textcontent --! There comes a time when the soul doesn't return to earth anymore. This happens when the soul has learned enough and is ready for the next phase.

The more time the soul spends in the spiritual world the more it evolves and grows. This learning process starts with carrying out loose assignments given by higher evolved souls. Through these assignments the soul learns and grows.

The quantity of the souls growth will decide if it's reincarnated on earth. Only when the soul has made enough progress it enters the pre-phase.

During the pre-phase the soul has a guiding task. It's a kind of "testing-period". A guide often guides someone who it has no experience with. But the guide can help through its own life-experience, in this way the guide also grows.

Being a guide is also needed to completely detach from the material world. This process is often referred to as "earning your wings". When a guide finishes helping an earthly soul and has grown enough it evolves to an angel. You might say the guide gets his wings.

When a guide hasn't grown enough during his guiding tasks it can mean the guide will have to return to the material world.

The transition from guide to an angel is a joyful event and considered a "party". It's almost as reaching maturity and be allowed to drive a car. A new world opens. The soul has made a step forward in the evolution.

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