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!--#layout ziel --!/!--@ !--#title --!The purpose of life/!--@ !--#menu1 !--F:cl/menus/en_main.htm --!/!--@ !--#textcontent --! The main goal of life isn't just to live it well, but rather to learn your life lessons, get experience and taking action. Even so it's important that you are able to recognize low harmonisation degrees.

Because the souls with low harmonisation degrees are less evolved they can obstruct your own growth. You can try to guide these souls in there own growth but be very careful if you do so!

Your own harmonisation degree eventually determines your evolution. Only when you have reached a certain point you will no longer need a material existence. At the next step you will evolve to an angel, an angel with an enlightened harmonisation degree.

The main goal in life is quite difficult to describe, it should be something like this: During your (souls) first birth you are the youngest soul existing. This soul has the lowest possible harmonisation degree. In our material world the soul will be tested and their harmonisation degree enlightened by experiences and impressions. If this harmonisation degree has reached the enlightened level, you are an angel.

When you evolve even further then the angelic harmonisation degree you reach the degree of god ( an energetic being with an higher harmonisation degree then angels). Which experiences or impressions you need for your journey and how long it takes is up to you. It's your decision!

During and after your life it's also very important that you pass on enough experiences to the spiritual world. In this way the energetic beings can also proceed with their evolution. /!--@ !--#menu2 !--F:cl/menus/en_gabriel.htm --!/!--@ !--#crumbpathtitle --!5. The purpose of life/!--@