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!--#layout ziel --!/!--@ !--#title --!The material evolution/!--@ !--#menu1 !--F:cl/menus/en_main.htm --!/!--@ !--#textcontent --! Suddenly the energetic-beings got an insight: try to make the cooled down energy (matter) conscious of the growth that's possible. The energetic-beings had to do the unthinkable, influencing the matter so life and consciousness emerged, otherwise the matter could never comprehend this. One energetic-being thought of a way to make it happen, this being was god.

Creating life was very hard but eventually something of minimal-consciousness originated: The one-celled being. Although the energetic-beings wanted some insurance because of their changing surroundings, the came up with the material evolution.

Self-adapting cells were spread throughout the universe. In this way among others life on earth emerged, but also in other places. But there weren't many circumstances for consciousness, thus there are relatively few places with conscious life-forms. /!--@ !--#menu2 !--F:cl/menus/en_gabriel.htm --!/!--@ !--#crumbpathtitle --!16. The material evolution/!--@