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!--#layout ziel --!/!--@ !--#title --!When matter transforms to shape/!--@ !--#menu1 !--F:cl/menus/en_main.htm --!/!--@ !--#textcontent --! Because the powers of the big bang started to decrease the universe started cooling down.

Through the cooling of the universe energy was turned into matter. In the process much pure energy was used which worried the energetic-beings about their own growth (energy can not be lost it's only transformed).

With this the most (first) primary emotion was originated, mortal fear. Because the energetic-beings their growth was obstructed. The energetic-beings were frightened and therefore tried in every way possible to reassure their growth. At first they joined but sadly they also turned against each other (why slow down if you can use another energetic-being for growth?). This fear of transiting was the very reason that the energetic-beings obstructed each others growth. /!--@ !--#menu2 !--F:cl/menus/en_gabriel.htm --!/!--@ !--#crumbpathtitle --!14. When matter transforms to shape/!--@