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When a planet intents ascension by opening its chakra's to other solar systems, species that have helped other planets to ascend and are in reach, will respond. They have experience on how to ascend a planet. It is all about connecting the planet to the universal consciousness grid, by aligning and tuning its vibration with the most nearby grid line. The planet will start to resonate with the grid-line, allowing it's consciousness to expand and communicate with other nodes in the grid.

So when Earth started to reach out and asking for a consciousness raise, multiple species incarnated on Earth to help it align its vibration with the nearest grid line. Only this time it isn't a "standard"-procedure, because Earth still suffers from the Lemurian Split.

When we follow Earth's origin, it isn't a normal planet like other undeveloped planets. It has actually ascended before, when it still was Lemuria. But this ascension failed because of the Lemurian war, that caused the planet to explode in two pieces. These two pieces went adrift leaving one part in our solar system.
Earth's consciousness did not fall back. It still had the imprint of the lost part of Lemuria, causing a hole with the intention to be filled, to become whole again. This hole is so strong, it actually separated the planets consciousness in an active part, and a dormant part. The split of Earth's consciousness, is the origin of duality. Earth is still waiting for the other half of Lemuria to join and a dual consciousness is now active. The imprint of the hole and the remainder of the planet are the same.

So what happens if ascended species incarnate on Earth? Normally, the incarnation of the full consciousness occurs, allowing a quick alignment with the planet's intent and goal. But now on Earth, only half of the consciousness can incarnate, causing the same consciousness split that Earth suffers from too. And this is something new for the ascended beings that incarnate. They have no experience in being un-whole and how to deal with this.

Most of the ascended beings that incarnate have a new experience since they intent to fill the hole that is reserved for the other part of Lemuria. But the intention of Earth to become whole again, must be respected causing a part of them to also form a hole (or go dormant). Earth's intention to ascend is still active and is possible with some ascension scenario's.

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