Returning to Earth

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Julien Moorrees
When you are living in the spiritual world and you want to be able to grow there as well you must make sure you gain more experience while being there. This is very difficult since you are not in the material world anymore and therefore no real life experience can be gained.

Every time we think of someone, their soul is stimulated (in our memory they live). This is because the experiences are passed from someone of the material world by their spirit to the person being thought of. The soul who receives this, grows.

When we no longer think of a soul, it will receive lesser and lesser experiences and therefore it will grow slower and slower. In theory we can increase the evolution of our soul in the spiritual world indefinitely, by doing things that nest ourselves in the memories of humanity forever.

The transition from the spiritual world to the material world happens when a soul can no longer grow further. You will have to gain more experience within the material world in order to regain growth. How well (or worse) you have lived in relation to other people, defines the time you will spend in the spiritual world. These other people can influence your growth (by focussing at your harmonisation degree).