The transition

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Julien Moorrees
When someone dies his life flashes  before his eyes. These are all the experiences that are part of the soul and which has grown the soul. It is a kind of summary of the current lived life. For some experiences on earth, you already know that you are going to carry them with you your whole life. This is actually very true and even more you will also have them in the upcoming lives that you live. These events, are the events you have actually lived your life for.

The real voyage to the spiritual world can only take place when the soul is actually ready for it. The spirit must be entirely released from the material world in order to proceed to the spiritual world. Death must be accepted as a faith. If not, the spirit cannot complete the journey. In such a case the spirit is called a wandering spirit or an earthbound spirit.

Death is not the only way to look into the spiritual world. This is sometimes mentioned as an Out of Body Experience (OBE). During an OBE an earthly spirit lets the material body go and focuses on the spiritual energy frequencies. This focus allows the spirit to take a look into the spiritual world.