The Big-Bang

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Julien Moorrees
During the big bang all the energy existing in our universe was present.

Because the existence of time, all the energy floats uncontrolled and randomly throughout the universe. This is also known as plasma soup.

Clusters of stacked energy emerged. These clusters were the first primary energetic-beings. A primary energetic-being is comparable with a one-celled being in the material world. In the beginning all beings were the same, but quite rapidly a great diversity originated (evolution) through the splitting and fusion of cell-clusters.

Because no energy is lost (only transformed) by the fusion and splitting of cells it's not complicated. It's a bliss that consciousness (intelligence) emerged. The first energetic-being became aware of its own existence and surroundings. Soon more conscious beings evolved. The energetic-beings also became conscious of each other and so a community emerged.

By turning unconscious energy into conscious energy, the energetic-beings found a way to reproduce themselves. Their community increasingly expanded throughout the universe. Considering the universe and the community merely consisted from energy it was a fine way of existence.