Helping a stationary soul

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Julien Moorrees
Helping a stationary soul is not without risks. The urge of the stationary soul can be so big that you pull out its fears. The soul will resist in every possible way, if you're not strong enough it might take over. One can get "possessed" by this ( Your soul will increasingly be controlled by the stationary soul). The longer someone's possessed the harder it will be to let the stationary soul realise it has to grow.

In order to help a stationary soul you could try to increase the harmonisation degree of the soul. Therefore you can use energy which is send to the stationary soul. In case you're with a group of people it's also possible to bundle your energy to get a better result. For the best results you have to startle the soul in this way it can't resist. Sometimes you just need a little nudge in the right direction.