Duality - Why Earth’s ascension is different: The Ascension Scenario's

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Julien Moorrees

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Ascension Scenario 1: Closing the Lemurian hole
Earth has the possibility to heal the pain from the Lemurian split. She needs to allow new live inside the Lemurian hole. This will help Earth in seeing her dual intention by keeping the hole closed for anything other than her twin. Since live is all about living and not about freezing, Earth was only living at 50% of its consciousness.

The first step that Earth took was acknowledgment of the pain, the split had caused. She initially fought against any live that wanted to fill the hole, but that actually caused more problems. Because she wouldn't face the big hole, she closed her eyes for it.

But now, she opened her eyes and intents to see what she hasn't been living. This allowed ascended beings that were also split, to reconnect with the hole in themselves. This can be a painful process since the dual parts haven't been in synch. Sometimes they are so far disconnected, that they don't even recognize each other and they start to battle for existence. They think that only one of them can exist but that is an illusion. They both have the right to exist and have the right to merge.

The next step Earth can take is stop making Lemuria responsible for filling the gap. Lemuria has grown on its own, just as Earth did. It is there for very likely that he has evolved on its own. It is better for them to connect as friends, than to fight as lovers for existence.

The last step for Earth is to fully intent ascension on her own. She is grown and matured and ready to travel among the grid.

Ascension Scenario 2: Connecting with the lost Lemurian part
Another scenario that is available for Earth is to keep waiting for the lost Lemurian part. Since Earth has been living her dark-side, she is also learning a lot about her lost Lemurian side. The more she learns, the more she recognizes he is the same as her. This will help her in the search for her twin because she will understand the path to follow, to reach Lemuria.

Since Earth still misses the connection with Lemuria, this is her preferred path. It is why she opened up in the first place, to help her find her twin. Since ascension provides a way to re-connect, it is that part that resonated with the species willing to help the ascension.

But now that reconnecting has become a pre-requisite for ascension, the planet is not yet ready until it is reunited. That is why the search for Lemuria is so important, because it still is the will of Earth that must be followed.

The beings incarnated to help Earth to ascend, need to learn everything about Earth and with this knowledge, a grid search can be performed to find the lost twin of Earth. It is a question if Lemuria is found and even willing to connect with Earth, but as long Earth wants this the search will continue.

If Lemuria is found, and willing to reconnect with Earth, the first step towards ascension is made. They first need to connect and if they even recognize each other they can now set the next step in ascension. They need to decide on their own if they want to ascent together, or by themselves.

Ascension Scenario 3: No ascension at all
The last scenario is possible if Earth decides not to ascend at all. This can happen for example if Earth still wants to connect with Lemuria, but doesn't recognizes her own twin. They have grown so far apart that there is no connection possible. Since Earth doesn't recognize her twin, she keeps searching for something that doesn't exist. Causing no ascension at all.

It is also possible that Lemuria has already ascended and is waiting for Earth on the other side. If Earth keeps searching for Lemuria on the other side forever, no ascension is possible. The search on itself is a lost cause, but it is still a possible choice.

Another possibility is just that Earth doesn't want to ascend for her own reasons. We can only respect her decision and let it be.

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