Binding souls

The beginning
1 Deja-vu
2 The transition
3 The spiritual world
4 Returning to Earth
5 The purpose of life
6 Matter
7 A medium
8 The different kind of souls
9 No longer material
10 Stopped growth
11 Helping a stationary soul
12 Binding souls
13 The Big-Bang
14 When matter transforms to shape
15 The aware group
16 The material evolution
17 The soul
18 Sharing experiences
19 Time
20 The future

There's another way to make the evolution possible. By binding souls and making earthly souls conscious. The binding of souls gives enormous powers that provide possibilities to make a new step in the human evolution.

2 (or more) souls can be bound by their identical harmonisation degree without slowing down their growth. The souls are "compatible" and there will emerge a "connection" . This connection is very useful to help stationary souls. The power of this connection can even help souls with higher harmonisation degrees.

This connection can also be used to become "compatible" with souls that have a higher harmonisation degree. The connection makes "contact" with higher evolved souls much easier because they're on the same harmonisation degree.

When enough souls are bound they can even reach a divine harmonisation degree. You could name this god's arrival on earth.